Fleet Service 5 yrs – ZKL 3000 RC-C

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Fleet Service subscription for ZKL 3000 RC-C.

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The ‘Fleet Service’ subscription keeps critical devices (particularly those used in both safety and operations) functioning properly, ensuring that they are well maintained and thus extending their lifespan.

A ‘Fleet Service’ subscription includes:

  • Maintenance and inspection
  • Functional tests and updates on both the hardware and software
  • Calibration of the corresponding product(s)
  • Minor repairs, excluding consumable parts (such as batteries and contact points)

Fleetservice abonnement voor ZKL 3000 RC-C:

  • Tweejaarlijkse keuring op functionele- en veiligheidsvoorwaarden, afgesloten met een keuringsrapport
  • Updates van software, hardware en mechanica
  • Kleine herstelreparaties, exclusief slijtage onderdelen zoals batterijen en contactpunten


Country Belgium
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Fleet Service 5 yrs - ZKL 3000 RC-C

Fleet Service
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