Main battery 6.4V

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6.4V Main battery to provide Dual Inventive’s safety systems with power.

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The Main Battery is designed to provide Dual Inventive’s safety systems with power via a battery cable. To supply the main the Main Battery with power, a Solar NRG 3000 Plus can be deployed.

With the main battery being continuously charged, the safety system can be used for a longer period of time. As a result, track workers no longer need to enter the track to replace the main battery, which benefits their safety and the environment.


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Product type Product accessory
Safety Integrity Level N/A
Expertise Safety
Warranty 1 year
Colour Black
Materials LiFeYPO4, Polypropylene
Expected lifetime 5 years

Subscription / Lease

Subscription / Lease N/A
Service type N/A
Period N/A


SKU 40.10.0000.52
Weight 7,5 kg
Depth (thickness mm) 174
Width (short side mm) 246
Height (long side mm) 270
HS code 8507.6000.90


Connectivity N/A
Antenna N/A
Provider N/A
Roaming N/A
NFC support N/A


Battery type LiFeYPO4
Cell type LYP90AhA (2 cells)
Internal No
Voltage output 6.4V
Capacity 90Ah
Battery lifetime 5000 cycle for 80%
Rechargeable Yes
External power input N/A


Surface On the ground
Attach via Power cable ZKL 3000 RC
Required tools N/A
Angle N/A


Ingress Protection level IP65
Standards EN-50125-3, EN-60529, EN-50121-4
Operating temperature -45 to +85 degree celsius
Storage temperature -45 to +85 degree celsius
Charging temperature -45 to +85 degree celsius
Discharging temperature -45 to 85 degree celsius
EMC DARE according to EN-50125-3
CE mark N/A


How to recycle Return to Dual Inventive


Country Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, United Kingdom
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Main battery 6.4V

main battery
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