Remote Management System License S1

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Remote Management System License S1

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Remote Management System License S1 includes:
– Deployment of the RDI 3000 system (to switch and control)
– Network Access (SIM card), including roaming
– Unlimited user access to MTinfo 3000 for the use of Safety Management and Insight.

MTinfo 3000 is a webbased Management Information System designed to facilitate the control
and monitoring of equipment. It can be used to plan, constant communication with the installed
equipment, with all data being transmitted securely using our own dedicated network.

This data is correlated by MTinfo 3000 for real-time monitoring and retrospective reporting. This
is possible in both the field and office via a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Available data:
1. Real-time status on Google maps
2. Status of the power supply
3. Safety status of the products
4. History of the products per warehouse, project and maintenance
5. Journal per product:
· Device maintenance, including firmware updates
· Continued software updates to MTinfo 3000
· Implementation of the Business Intelligence suit to provide 24/7 proactive device monitoring
· Proactive monitoring of the products and, if limit values are exceeded, timely maintenance.


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Remote Management System License S1

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