Remote Management System License 1.0

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Remote Management System License 1.0

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Remote Management System license 1.0
The Remote Management System license 1.0- (RMS) provides the applications for the remote control of Dual Inventive track access products and a complete business intelligence suite for 24/7 proactive equipment monitoring for safe railway works.

The RMS includes:-
– Use of Dual Inventive remote control safety products such as the ZKL 3000 RC, RSS 3000 or RDI 3000 systems (for remote switching and control)
– Telecommunications Network access (SIM card), including all roaming 2G/4G data charges
– Unlimited user access to MTinfo 3000 the SIL4 remote control planning and control software. Web based or SMART phone App included.
– Unlimited access to Dual Inventive’s bespoke ‘Insight’ Business Information platform.

MTinfo 3000 is an independently verified SIL4 EN50128 compliant web-based management information system designed to facilitate the control and monitoring of equipment. All activities during the setup and use of the system are logged by time and user and therefore it is used as a Juridical Recording Unit (JRU).  Access is restricted to locally authorised competent Users.
MTinfo 3000 is included within the high safety reliability of the system and its data can be used for making safety critical decisions.

MTinfo 3000 communicates directly with the installed equipment in the field via a secure and private mobile data communications SIL4 rated cloud. All data is securely transmitted using our own Remote Control (RC) technology and network.

This data is correlated by MTinfo 3000 for near real-time monitoring and retrospective reporting. This can be done in the field or in the office using a computer, smartphone or tablet.

A snapshot of MTinfo 3000 available data for authorised users:-
1. Near real-time status of your products :-
    a. Geo spatial location on Google maps
    b. Functional safety
    c. Power supply
    d. Available sensor values
2. Documents and file storage per safety plan / project
3. Uploaded company files available for everybody via the company knowledge base
4. Form template builder
    a. Build company feedback forms
    b.Participant access via Mobile App
5. Logbook per product
6. Logbook per safety plan / project
    a. User & process activities
    b. Product behavior
    c. Uploaded documents and files
    d. Filled in feedback forms
    e. People
7. Device passport
    a. Owner of the device
    b. Actual, last known, status of the device its sensor values
    c. History of the device its sensor values
    d. History of maintenance activities
    e. Overview of configured thresholds
    f. Related files and documents
8. Dashboards management
    a. Company personalised dashboards
    b. Any data available can be shown on the dashboard, using the standardised widgets
9.Notification management
    a. Configurable threshold setting per sensor value
    b. Personalised thresholds settings
    c. Via mail, App & web
    d. Alarms related to functional safety also via SMS
10. Site access management (optional)
    a. Mobile App to sign in and out for track access
    b. Web-based time & attendance overview
    c. Download log (time based) per safety plan / project
Insight Business Information Platform
Insight provides a non safety critical fleet management tool for Dual Inventive Products. It allows local fleet managers access to :-
– Usage data
– Usage duration
– Ability to set bespoke alerts
– Geo spatial positioning information
– Onboard hardware performance monitoring
– Battery status and performance monitoring
– Availability status and performance monitoring.
– Personal Dashboard functionality.
– Bespoke performance reporting
As part of the Remote Management System license 1.0, MTinfo 3000 is kept up to date with the latest security and software updates.


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