Service Subscription – ZKL 3000 RC

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MTinfo 3000 Service Subscription for ZKL 3000 RC, 5 year contract.

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MTinfo 3000 is a cloud service for both critical and massive IoT that synchronizes data from the field. The MTinfo 3000 Cloud hosts several applications and through the ‘Service Subscription’ access is granted to the ‘Work Management’ application, which, in turn, allows authorised users to manage, configure and monitor devices in the field to control workforce safety. Staff can instantly interact with safety and rail monitoring devices.

The ‘Service Subscription’ for ZKL 3000 RC includes:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Mobile data communication
  • Global roaming networks
  • Cloud management
  • Information security management
  • Online access to Work management:
    • Real-time status on Google maps (status of the power supply & product health)
    • History of products, projects and maintenance
    • Journal per product
    • Manage products remotely
    • Configure safety plans
    • Notification service (push and mail)
    • Project and user management

MTinfo 3000 Service Subscription voor ZKL 3000 RC:

  • Continue verbinding met MTinfo 3000
  • 24/7 in te loggen op MTinfo 3000
  • Beheer en management van producten, projecten en gebruikers
  • Real-time status van producten
  • Rapportages over het gebruik van producten
  • Alarmservice via pushbericht of email


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Country Australia, Belgium, France, Netherlands
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Service Subscription - ZKL 3000 RC

MTinfo 3000
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