Solar NRG 3000 Plus

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Solar panel with MPPT charger.

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The Solar NRG 3000 Plus is a solar panel that provides Dual Inventive’s safety systems with continuous power. It can be used to charge the main battery of the ZKL 3000 RC and the RDI 3000.

The Solar NRG 3000 Plus comes with a power optimisation module. This aims to convert as much sunlight as possible into direct power for the main battery, while also preventing overcharging.

With the main battery being continuously charged, the safety system can be used for a longer period of time. As a result, track workers no longer need to enter the track to replace the main battery, which benefits their safety and the environment.

The Solar NRG 3000 Plus can be set up in various ways:
– On a pole that is directly placed into the ground
– On a ballast box (BBX 3000)
– To the catenary by using a catenary clamp


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Product type Product accessory
Safety Integrity Level N/A
Expertise Safety
Warranty 1 year
Colour Grey
Materials Steel, Aluminium, Plastic
Expected lifetime 10 years

Subscription / Lease

Subscription / Lease N/A
Service type N/A
Period N/A


SKU 40.10.0000.09
Weight 3,2 kg
Depth (thickness mm) 385
Width (short side mm) 298
Height (long side mm) 502
HS code 8541.40.00.00


Connectivity N/A
Antenna N/A
Provider N/A
Roaming N/A
NFC support N/A


Battery type N/A
Cell type N/A
Internal N/A
Voltage output N/A
Capacity N/A
Battery lifetime N/A
Rechargeable N/A
External power input N/A

Solar Panel

Number of cells in series 36
Solar Cell type Monochrystalline
Voltage output nominal 7.2V
Voltage output maximum 7.8V
Short circuit current (lsc) 5A


Surface N/A
Attach via BBX box, Catenary clamp, Pole in ground
Required tools N/A
Angle 30 degrees


Ingress Protection level IP65 as guiding principle for adoption
Standards EN-50125-3 as guiding principle for adoption
Operating temperature -25 to +40 degree celsius
Storage temperature -25 to +40 degree celsius
Charging temperature N/A
Discharging temperature N/A
EMC EN-50121-4, RLN0007 V007
CE mark Yes


How to recycle Return to Dual Inventive


Country Australia, Belgium, France, Netherlands, United Kingdom


KIWA Certificate
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Solar NRG 3000 Plus

Solar NRG 3000 Plus
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