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The ZKL 3000 RC is a preinstalled, SIL-4 rated, remotely operated Track Circuit Operating Device.

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Transportation case ZKL 3000 (RC)

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Main battery 6.4V

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Charger 6.4V main battery (EU)

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Connecting cable (10 m) 7 P-binder-connector

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Connecting cable (20 m) 7 P-binder-connector

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Bypass set

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Locking clamp - NL

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Battery cover key

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Key padlock

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Test tool

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Backup battery 6.4V V2

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Charger 6.4V backup battery (EU)

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Switching key

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Digital manual

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The ZKL 3000 RC is a SIL-4 rated Track Circuit Operating Device, designed to provide protection to track workers from trains. It has high safety reliability and maximises track access efficiency.

When the device is activated, it simulates a train in a section of track, causing the track circuit to show ‘occupied’, holding the protecting signal to red.

The device is operated remotely by using the Dual Inventive app independent of the signalling system. The app provides the user with real-time information to help monitor and control the devices set within a project, giving reassurance that the protection remains in place.

Once the ZKL 3000 RC is installed, it can be left in track for up to 4 years and operated remotely, eliminating the need to enter the track to install and remove protection. This removes set-up and take-down time and costs maximising the amount of infrastructure work you can deliver with your track access.

Met de Zelfsignalerende Kortsluit Lans 3000 Remote Control (ZKL 3000 RC) kunnen geautoriseerde spoormedewerkers gecontroleerd het spoor buiten dienst nemen en een veilige werkomgeving te creëren.

De lans wordt eenmalig in het spoor geplaatst en kan vervolgens op afstand, zonder dat een medewerker het spoor in hoeft, binnen enkele seconden worden in- en uitgeschakeld. Als de ZKL 3000 RC wordt ingeschakeld, simuleert het systeem een trein in de sectie, waardoor een spoorbezetmelding wordt gecreëerd en de seinen op rood gaan. De sectie wordt direct geblokkeerd en spoormedewerkers kunnen hun werk veilig en efficiënt uitvoeren.

De ZKL 3000 RC wordt geconfigureerd, beheerd en gemonitord via het cloud platform MTinfo 3000 en de MTinfo 3000 app.


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Product type Main product
Safety Integrity Level SIL4
Expertise Safety
Warranty 1 year
Colour Black, Yellow
Materials Aluminium, Copper, Electronics, PC, PCB, POM-C
Expected lifetime 10 years

Subscription / Lease

Service type Fleet Service, Software License, Service Subscription
Period N/A


SKU 10.10.0031.00
Weight 9 kg
Depth (thickness mm) 190
Width (short side mm) 1530
Height (long side mm) 130
HS code 8530.10000.00


Connectivity 2G, 4G
Antenna Internal
Provider Vodafone
Roaming Yes
NFC support N/A


Battery type N/A
Internal No
Voltage output N/A
Capacity N/A
Battery lifetime N/A
Rechargeable N/A
External power input Backup battery, Main battery


Surface Rail
Attach via N/A
Required tools Small hammer, Wirebrush
Angle N/A


Ingress Protection level IP65
Standards N/A
Operating temperature -20 to +60 degree celsius when used together with main battery, backup battery and solar panel, -20 to +70 degree celsius when used together with main battery and backup battery, -25 to +70 degree celsius when used together with main battery
Storage temperature -25 to + 70 degree celsius (store without batteries)
Charging temperature N/A
Discharging temperature N/A
EMC DARE according to EN-50125-3
CE mark DEKRA certificate


How to recycle Return to Dual Inventive


Country Netherlands


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